McDonald’s Menu With Prices Uk [Updated January 2024]

Mcdonald’s Menu with Prices UK

With over 1,300 restaurants across UK, McDonald’s is country’s largest fast food chain serving millions of customers each day. Known for its burgers, fries, chicken, breakfast and family friendly options, McDonald’s menu With Prices Uk features all classics. While specific prices can vary between franchises, standard McDonald’s Menu with Prices UK pricing for 2023 outlined on everything from Big Macs to McFlurrys so know exactly what expect on next visit.

Big Mac burger priced around £3.19. Other iconic McDonald’s burgers include Quarter Pounder with Cheese at £3.79, Filet-O-Fish at £3.69, and Cheeseburger at £1.69.

For chicken, McDonald’s offers McChicken Sandwich from £3.19, Chicken McNuggets starting at £3.29 for 6 pieces, Chicken Legend at £4.39. Sides include fries in small, medium and large sizes ranging from £1.09 to £1.69, while salads like Southwest Chicken Salad £3.99.

To satisfy sweet tooth, desserts include Apple Pie at £0.99 and McFlurry ice cream from £1.39.

Drinks like medium cola £1.09, lattes £1.59 and milkshakes £1.99. McDonald’s also offers meal deals and Happy Meal at £2.79 with main, fries, drink and toy. Breakfast items like Egg McMuffin served until 10:30am.

Keep an eye out for rotated special offers and limited-time options which often provide best value.

McDonald’s frequently discounts selected menu items or upgrades fries/drinks for free as promotions.

While prices may increase slightly each year, McDonald’s remains committed to keeping favorites affordable for whole family. Check McDonald’s app for latest deals too.They also organizing the mcdonalds survey uk known as mcdfoodforthoughts.con.

McDonald’s Breakfast Menu UK

The McDonald’s breakfast menu in the UK offers a variety of options to start your day. Here are some of the most popular breakfast items on the McDonald’s UK menu along with their prices:

Egg & Cheese McMuffin£2.79
Bacon & Egg McMuffin£2.99
Sausage & Egg McMuffin£2.99
Bacon Roll£2.49
Sausage Roll£2.49
Hash Brown£0.99
Pancakes & Syrup£1.99
Cheesy Bacon Flatbread£1.99
Breakfast WrapFrom £2.49

McDonald’s breakfast is served until 10:30am on weekdays. On weekends, breakfast is available from open to 11am.

McDonald’s Lunch/Dinner Menu UK

The McDonald’s lunch and dinner menu has a great selection of burgers, chicken, salads, wraps, fries, desserts and more. Here are some of the most popular lunch and dinner items at McDonald’s UK and their prices:

McDonald’s Burgers Menu With Price UK

Big Mac£3.19
Quarter Pounder with Cheese£3.79
McChicken Sandwich£3.19
Veggie Deluxe£2.99
Mayo Chicken£3.49

McDonald’s Chicken & Fish Menu With Prices

20 McNuggets£4.99
6 McNuggets£3.29
3 McNuggets£1.99
Chicken Legend£4.39
Chicken McNuggets (Sharebox)£4.99

McDonald’s Salads & Sides Menu With Prices Uk

Side Salad£1.69
Southwest Chicken Salad£3.99
Bacon Salad£3.99
Fries – Small£1.09
Fries – Medium£1.49
Fries – Large£1.69

McDonald’s Desserts & Drinks Menu with Prices Uk

Apple Pie£0.99
Cola£1.09 (Medium) £1.59 (Large)
Still Water£0.85
Hot Chocolate£1.39

There are also frequently rotating specials and limited-time offers which may not be listed here. Prices at franchised restaurants may vary.

McDonald’s Meal Deals UK

Along with its regular menu items, McDonald’s offers some great meal deal options:

  • Big Mac Meal – Big Mac, Fries, Drink – £4.89
  • McChicken Sandwich Meal – McChicken, Fries, Drink – £4.89
  • Chicken McNuggets Meal – 6 McNuggets, Fries, Drink – £4.89
  • Filet-O-Fish Meal – Fish fillet, Fries, Drink – £5.69
  • Veggie Meal – Veggie Deluxe, Fries, Drink – £4.99
  • Happy Meal – Burger, 4 McNuggets, Fries, Drink, Toy – £2.79

Meal deals can be upgraded to include extra items or larger fries/drink for an additional cost.

Ordering McDonald’s Delivery in the UK

You can get McDonald’s delivered straight to your home or office through services like Uber Eats, Just Eat and Deliveroo. Delivery prices and minimum order amounts vary by location. You can also place Click & Collect orders on the McDonald’s app for convenient pickup.

McDonald’s Nutrition Information UK

If you are looking to eat healthy at McDonald’s, they provide full nutrition facts for all menu items on their website. Here are some examples of calorie counts for popular McDonald’s UK menu items:

  • Big Mac – 508 calories
  • 6 McNuggets – 259 calories
  • Chicken Legend Sandwich – 451 calories
  • Cheeseburger – 301 calories
  • Medium Fries – 337 calories
  • Apple Pie – 209 calories
  • Small Vanilla Milkshake – 170 calories

McDonald’s also offers some healthier low calorie options like salads, wraps, and water or low-fat milk with Happy Meals.

When Does McDonald’s Change Its Menu?

McDonald’s regularly changes up its menu by adding limited time options and seasonal items. Major menu changes tend to happen 2-4 times per year. Some examples:

  • New burger options or McFlurry flavors are often added in the spring or summer.
  • Holiday drinks and baked goods are usually introduced in November/December.
  • McDonald’s sometimes brings back popular limited-time or “vintage” menu items for short stints.
  • Prices are often increased slightly each January.

Follow McDonald’s social media or sign up for emails to keep up with the latest menu offerings. Limited time products are only around for a few weeks so get them before they’re gone!

McDonald’s UK Breakfast Hours

McDonald’s serves breakfast from opening until 10:30am Monday to Friday.

On weekends, they serve breakfast items all day from open to 11am. So you can get an Egg McMuffin even later on Saturdays and Sundays.

Some locations may stop serving select breakfast items like pancakes or bagels before 10:30am even on weekdays. So going earlier in the morning maximizes your McDonald’s breakfast choices.

Does McDonald’s Do All Day Breakfast in the UK?

Unfortunately McDonald’s does not offer an all day breakfast menu in the UK like it does in some other countries. The only exception is weekends when breakfast is served all morning.

Some people have called for McDonald’s to make breakfast available beyond 10:30am as it’s a popular request. For now, late risers will have to stick to the regular lunch menu on weekdays in the UK.


McDonald’s extensive menu has something for everyone whether you’re looking for a quick breakfast on-the-go, a budget-friendly family dinner, or a late night treat. With burgers, nuggets, fries, salads, desserts, and more, McDonald’s prices remain quite reasonable given the large portions. Keep an eye out for special promotions and limited time offerings which are frequently introduced. And consider delivery next time you’re craving those famous McDonald’s french fries or a Big Mac!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are McDonald’s current opening and closing times in the UK?

A: Opening and closing times can vary by location, but most McDonald’s in the UK are open from 6am-11pm daily. Some may close earlier on Sundays.

Q: Does McDonald’s serve food all day long?

A: Yes, McDonald’s serves their full menu from open to close, except for breakfast which ends mid-morning on weekdays.

Q: Can you eat inside McDonald’s right now or is it only takeaway?

A: Currently McDonald’s allows dine-in eating in most locations, but seating may be reduced due to social distancing. Takeaway, drive-thru, and delivery are still popular options.

Q: Is McDonald’s food gluten-free friendly?

A: While McDonald’s cannot guarantee a 100% gluten-free kitchen, they do offer some gluten-free menu options like hamburgers without the bun, salads, fries, and soft serve cones.

Q: Are McDonald’s milkshakes available all day?

A: Yes, McDonald’s full range of milkshake flavors are available during all opening hours, unlike breakfast items which are only served until mid-morning.

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